TrackTown USA

When explaining what I did at Downstream, I often use the TrackTown project as an example. Preparing for the 2016 World Indoor Championships, TrackTown USA and the IAAF have returned to Downstream multiple times to seek help branding their event. Each time, I have had the pleasure to be involved. 

My introduction to the project began at it's start, where I joined forces with our talented design team to create proposal assets. Our final proposal won the bid to bring the 2016 Championship to Portland. Our next project utilized Downstream's technology expertise in creating a unique countdown clock which would be revealed at the announcement event in downtown Portland. After a successful event and unveil, it was time to spread the world even further. This lead into creating commercial content, shot with a Seattle based film partner. The final outcome from the commercials have been a huge hit, and has once again lead into my current involvement with TrackTown USA and the IAAF.

Role: Multimedia Specialist