National Geographic

Landscape photography is my favorite creative outlet. My adventures have shaped who I am, and the ability to share those experiences have always been important. While growing up, my family often urged the importance of exploring and taking risks, which has been the driver of success in my life. Photography was the first creative focus I was fascinated by while growing up. With it, came learning Photoshop, which quickly sparked the inclination to once again explore, and expand my creative knowledge.

While in my first year of college, my mother moved to China. As I visited for holiday breaks, I once again had my camera in hand. After sharing a few photos online, a colleague suggested I reach out to National Geographic to see if they would have any interest sharing my shots. A few months later, I become a published photographer with National Geographic, and have also had my work showcased and sold through their creative stock website. More recently, in 2018, the photo to the right  was added to the National Geographic Fine Art Gallery. 

Role: Photographer